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SCM Creator and Redmine 2.2

Added by nicholas tanner almost 9 years ago

hi there

i tried to install scm creator 0.4.2 with redmine 2.2. the installation seems to be ok, the plugin ist listed in redmine.
but when i try to create a new project, i receive an 404, not found error.
as soon as i move the scm_creator folder away from redmine, the new button works again.

did i made a mistake or is this version incomatible with redmine 2.2?

best regs

Replies (2)

RE: SCM Creator and Redmine 2.2 - Added by Andriy Lesyuk almost 9 years ago

Hi! It was not yet checked agains 2.2. See the overview page (the “Supports” field). I plan to work on porting it for 2.2 in the near future. Sorry.

RE: SCM Creator and Redmine 2.2 - Added by Christian Hilker almost 9 years ago


it works for me on 2.3

creation of subversion and git repositories succeeded



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