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Feature #2093

Extended columns using custom queries

Added by Andriy Lesyuk almost 12 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

Special column
Target version:
Start date:
22 Jul 2012
Due date:
% Done:


External issue:


I have implemended many extended columns which show issues counts for the projects listing... Still I have ideas (and I really want them) to implement even more! Getting every new idea I think - Isn’t it too many?.. But then I banish such thoughts...

But, hey, isn’t really too many?! I have a strong feeling that I will never satisfy all needs!..

Unless... And here I got new idea:

You know Redmine custom queries, right?.. They are used to fetch issues which satisfy particular parameters. May be I could use the query name as column title and use the query to get count?.. This way users will be able to fully control parameters!

Of course, such queries should be available for all projects...


#1 Updated by Adnan Topçu about 10 years ago

Good idea.
issue_id and user_id should pass to query to find related data.

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