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Bug #2326

redmine_scm is incompatible with redmine_git_hosting now?

Added by jonathan ferguson over 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

Target version:
Start date:
18 Aug 2014
Due date:
% Done:


Redmine version:
External issue:



For the past two years, we ran redmine_scm and redmine_git_hosting alongside each other under ChiliProject. We are now migrated to Redmine 2.5.2. The desire to use both comes from the need to use gitolite to manage the git repositories (we have several hundred). Unfortunately, the current releases of Redmine, redmine_git_hosting and redmine_scm are not friends, and cause Internal Server Error (500) when one clicks on “New repository” ie: https://some.host.edu/projects/user5-windlevane/repositories/new

Following the previous configuration no longer applies: http://aeturnalus.com/software/hacking-scm-creator-redmine-git-hosting-cooperate/ as these two plugins have changed dramatically.

Current environment:

  Redmine version                2.5.2.stable
  Ruby version                   1.9.3-p194 (2012-04-20) [x86_64-linux]
  Rails version                  3.2.19
  Environment                    production
  Database adapter               Mysql2
  Subversion                     1.6.17
  Mercurial                      2.2.2
  Cvs                            1.12.13
  Bazaar                         2.6.0
Redmine plugins:
  redmine_backlogs               v1.0.6
  redmine_bootstrap_kit          0.1
  redmine_checkout               0.6-BETA
  redmine_git_hosting            0.7.7
  redmine_scm                    0.5.0b
  redmine_timesheet_plugin       0.7.0


The installation appears to work, and the rake tasks complete successfully. However, repository creation fails when using BOTH plugins simultaneously. Turn one or the other off and the creation process works just fine. Logs of the relevant action and error:

==> apache2/ssl_access.log <== - - [17/Aug/2014:18:25:37 -0400] "GET /rb/server_variables.js HTTP/1.1" 304 1618 "https://some.host.edu/projects/user5-windlevane/settings" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/35.0.1916.153 Safari/537.36" 

==> /opt/redmine/redmine/log/production.log <==
Started GET "/projects/user5-windlevane/repositories/new" for at 2014-08-17 18:25:40 -0400
Processing by RepositoriesController#new as HTML
  Parameters: {"project_id"=>"user5-windlevane"}
  Current user: user5 (id=5)

==> /var/log/auth.log <==
Aug 17 18:25:41 some.host.edu svn: DIGEST-MD5 common mech free

==> /opt/redmine/redmine/log/production.log <==
  Rendered plugins/redmine_scm/app/views/repositories/_form.html.erb (105.8ms)
  Rendered repositories/new.html.erb within layouts/base (109.2ms)
Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 281.9ms

ActionView::Template::Error (undefined local variable or method `limit_exceeded' for #<#<Class:0x000000075cb898>:0x00000007a15e30>):
    21: <% button_disabled = true %>
    22: <% if @repository %>
    23:   <%  button_disabled = ! @repository.class.scm_available %>
    24:   <%= repository_field_tags(f, @repository) %>
    25: <% end %>
    26: </div>
  app/helpers/repositories_helper.rb:126:in `repository_field_tags'
  app/views/repositories/new.html.erb:4:in `block in _app_views_repositories_new_html_erb___3615480889563145371_66515560'
  app/helpers/application_helper.rb:1043:in `labelled_form_for'
  app/views/repositories/new.html.erb:3:in `_app_views_repositories_new_html_erb___3615480889563145371_66515560'

And redmine_scm scm.yml:

  deny_delete: false
  auto_create: false
  force_repository: false
#  pre_create: /usr/local/bin/pre-create.sh
  post_create: /usr/local/bin/post-create.sh
  pre_delete: /usr/local/bin/pre-delete.sh
#  post_delete: /usr/local/bin/post-delete.sh
  max_repos: 0
  only_creator: true
  allow_add_local: true
  allow_pickup: false
    path: /san/repos/svn
    svnadmin: /usr/bin/svnadmin
    url: svn
#  git:
#    path: /san/repos/git
#    git: /usr/bin/git
#    options: --bare
#    url: ssh://git@host
#    update_server_info: true
#    git_ext: true
#    append: trunk
#  mercurial:
#    path: /san/repos/hg
#    hg: /usr/bin/hg
#  bazaar:
#    path: /san/repos/bzr
#    bzr: /usr/bin/bzr
#    init: init-repository
#    log_encoding: UTF-8
#  github:
#    path: /san/repos/github
#    api:
#      token: 36857b12efbccc64ce725ea8674fab6ecbd05c03
#      register_hook: true

# development:

Can both redmine_git_hosting and redmine_scm cooperate? They used to...

have a day.yad

redmine_scm_patch.diff View (35.9 KB) Isaiah Softleigh, 24 Feb 2015 16:18

redmine_git_hosting_v0.7.9_redmine_scm_compatibility_patch.diff View (466 KB) Isaiah Softleigh, 24 Feb 2015 16:18

scm_patch_2.diff View - Requires previous patch. (23 KB) Isaiah Softleigh, 06 Mar 2015 17:07

git_hosting_patch_2.diff View - Requires previous patch. (8.24 KB) Isaiah Softleigh, 06 Mar 2015 17:07


#1 Updated by Artem Sereda over 9 years ago

I have same problem.

  Redmine version                2.5.2.stable
  Ruby version                   2.1.1-p76 (2014-02-24) [x86_64-linux]
  Rails version                  3.2.19
  Environment                    production
  Database adapter               Mysql2
  Subversion                     1.6.17
Redmine plugins:
  once_assigned_ever_watcher     0.1.0
  redmine_bootstrap_kit          0.1
  redmine_code_review            0.6.3
  redmine_git_hosting            0.7.8
  redmine_plugin_views_revisions 0.0.1
  redmine_scm                    0.5.0b
  redmine_wiki_gchart_formula    0.0.5

#2 Updated by Andriy Lesyuk over 9 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Open
  • Assignee set to Andriy Lesyuk

#3 Updated by Andriy Lesyuk over 9 years ago

  • Target version set to 0.5.1

#4 Updated by Nicolas Rodriguez over 9 years ago


I’m the maintainer of Redmine Git Hosting plugin https://github.com/jbox-web/redmine_git_hosting.
I’ve made a patch that fixes this issue : https://github.com/n-rodriguez/redmine_scm (it’s the second commit).
Basically you just need to move the limit_exceeded method from scm_repositories_helper_patch to a separate helper.


#5 Updated by Isaiah Softleigh about 9 years ago


I’ve also created a patch to solve this issue. It is much less bare-bones, though.

redmine_scm_patch.diff contains this and:
A new menu design for creating a new repository or editing a repository made specifically for Subversion and Git. This can be extended to other Creator types if desired. This design makes the interface more end-user friendly.
Further compatibility with Redmine Git Hosting version 0.7.9, such as hiding unnecessary warnings when creating a new Git repository when Redmine Git Hosting and SCM Creator is installed.

redmine_git_hosting_v0.7.9_redmine_scm_compatibility_patch.diff contains:
Safety checks for configuration with SCM Creator.
The ability to see other repository types when git_instructions appears.

Hope someone finds this useful!

#6 Updated by Isaiah Softleigh about 9 years ago

I’ve made a few more changes to both redmine_git_hosting (compatibility with svn/redmine_scm) and redmine_scm (download buttons for svn). Sharing it here!

Also available in: Atom PDF

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