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Bug #2421

The access to Git is based on projects identifier.

Added by Sven Mayer about 7 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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The access to Gits is based on projects identifier. When the projects identifier and the git repository name is not the same, the member access will fail. Somehow the access rules are based on a string comparison not on the projects number.

Thus, I can create two different gits but never access both because always one GIT has a different name then the project name. If the GIT access rules are based on the project ID’s and the links to the repository and then their name this would be possible.

Furthermore, its super confusing that I can not just rename a GIT repo and fix the database entry in the table “repositorys”. In order to to so I also need to rename the projects identifier.


#1 Updated by mizuki ishikawa over 5 years ago

I think that it can be solved by setting the repository name to project_identifier.1, project_identifier.2, etc.

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