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Feature #2430

(Non-)interactive mode for cdindex

Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 6 years ago.

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RAR archives (others, probably, too) can be protected by passwords. Currently, CD-Index uses the -p- flag for the external unrar tool to prevent it from asking the password. But, in some cases it would be better to allow users to enter it, so that CD-Index could index the contents of such archives. On the other side, cdindex can be run on server in non-interactive mode (e.g., from web script) and asking password will make it halt in this case.

Therefore, CD-Index should support two modes: non-interactive (default) and interactive. If run in the interactive mode, CD-Index can, e.g., set the environmental variable CDINDEX_INTERACTIVE=1 to let its special tools, such as rar, know, which mode is used. The interactive mode can be triggered, e.g., by command-line option --interactive.

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