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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Target version % Done Watchers Votes
2160 WikiNG Improvement Incomplete Normal Rename {{version}} to {{hidden}}

0 0
2438 WikiNG Feature Open Normal Screen text WikiNG - 1.1.1

0 0
1900 WikiNG Feature Incomplete Minor Singe bracket smiley

0 0
1907 WikiNG Feature Incomplete Minor Social links

0 1
1942 WikiNG Feature Incomplete Minor Support for target in links

0 0
2250 WikiNG Support Open Normal Textilizable fix in Redmine

0 0
2085 WikiNG Feature Open Normal Twitter status

0 0
2437 WikiNG Feature Open Normal Ultra-HD-ready graphics

0 0
2322 WikiNG Bug Deferred Normal Viewing user pages does not work after rename

0 0
2285 WordMine Support In Progress Normal Can't get this to work

0 0
2433 WordMine Feature Open Minor Link Redmine issue with WordPress comment

0 0
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