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Mentions of Rob Landry

08 Oct 2012

14:23 SCM Creator (+Github) Bug #2084: ActionView::Template::Error (syntax error on line 33, col 12: `')
user(Rob)#470, Are you still experiencing the issue? Andriy Lesyuk

30 Jun 2012

09:56 SCM Creator (+Github) Getting "uninitialized constant RepositoryObserver"? Oops!..
Weird things are happening to those Redmine 2.x.x observers... Here they work, there they don't... Andriy Lesyuk
09:36 SCM Creator (+Github) Wiki: 0-4-1
h1. Changes in version:0.4.1
* Fixed @uninitialized constant RepositoryObserver@ error under Redmine 2.0 (many tha...

29 Jun 2012

16:24 SCM Creator (+Github) Bug #2056: uninitialized constant RepositoryObserver
> Great success! Works great. Looks like you found the issue and fixed it. Thank you.
Thank you, user(Rob)#470! :)
Andriy Lesyuk


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