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Reklama 0.1.0

The new version of the Reklama plugin for Redmine/ChiliProject provides even better ways to deliver your messages to end users. You can now disable an advrtisement, activate strict mode which requires pages to have keywords and so on.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 11 years ago

While I did not plan to extend the plugin much since the first release each time I felt like missing some functionality I created an issue or just implemented it. This resulted into the new version of the plugin providing much more control on what, where and whom to show...

For example,

  • I needed to disable an advertisement for some time without removing it. Now the advertisements listing and the form have this new option...
  • I wanted to put a Ukrainian advertisement but did not want to show it for people who do not speak Ukrainian. Now it’s possible to specify language...
  • I wanted to disable some of advertisements for some projects. Another user also wanted this! Now the form has been extended and contains project selection...

For this release I want to thank:

  • Txinto Vaz for translation to Spanish!
  • Pierluigi Soana for feedback and ideas!

New version can be downloaded here.
For upgrade instructions check this page.


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