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Sidebar content 0.0.3

Fixed Wiki formatting errors (related to h1, h2 etc headings). Added German, Spanish and Korean languages. Made some refactoring.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 9 years ago

In this new version many changes were made to improve the code. It also includes new language files for German, Spanish and Korean. Own code for adding a tab into project settings was replaced by using the Project Settings Tab plugin which just provides a new hook to make this easier.

But one of the main changes is a fix for Wiki formatting. It was not possible to include headings (h1, h2 etc) into Textile text which was used for sidebar content. Special thanks for help in resolving this issue go to Adam Mallinson, Jamie Gruener, Steven Wong and Ron Klinkien! (Yeah, many users faced this problem)

Other special thanks for translating the plugin into German, Spanish and Korean languages go to Stefan Wienert, Txinto Vaz and Ki Won Kim!

To download the plugin go to this page.
For installation procedure check this page (and don’t forget about the Project Settings Tab plugin).


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