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Project redirection plugin

You will find this plugin useful when you need to remove a project. Especially when you move a project to another Redmine/ChiliProject host.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk about 11 years ago

The idea of this plugin came to me when I needed to move my projects from one Redmine hosting site to another (my own). Till that moment my projects were alive already for some time. As it usually is I added many external links to my projects - on Redmine.org, in some forums there and on other sites, in some E-Mails sent to users and friends, in social networks etc. If some of them could be fixed the others could not. If for some of them it was a metter of SEO and rankings for others it was a metter of access.

So I decided to write this plugin...

This plugin will be useful for both - owners of the hosting site project leaves and for owners of the project.

For hosting site it will be useful because:

  • Gives control over content shown to users who came onto the dead page;
  • Allows redirecting users to a similar project or projects listing;
  • Allows not to lose page ranks.

For project owners it will be useful because:

  • Allows explaining the reason of project closure;
  • Allows redirecting to a new project page.

To supply this the plugin supports the following modes:

  • No redirection mode: in this mode the plugin just shows the specified message.
  • Redirect to URL: in this mode the plugin redirects to the specified URL.
  • Redirect to Redmine/ChiliProject: in this mode the plugin “transparently” redirects to another Redmine/ChiliProject.

To read more check this page.
To download the plugin check this page.


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