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SVN access URL change

SCM Creator repository stopped working? SVN cannot be accessed any more? Read this article!
Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 11 years ago

As I had mentioned some time ago I changed the project identifier from the obsolete svn to more correct and SEO friendly scm-creator! Thanks to my another plugin old URLs will still work because the svn identifier is now an alias. I have also added the alias redmine-scm (similar to the plugin’s internal ID)...

Unfortunately this does not apply to SVN URLs - old SVN links stopped to work! Sorry for this!

New SVN URL is: http://svn.s-andy.com/scm-creator

To update the URL in your SVN working copy do:

$ svn switch --relocate http://svn.s-andy.com/redmine-svn http://svn.s-andy.com/scm-creator


  • http://svn.s-andy.com/redmine-svn - old URL
  • http://svn.s-andy.com/scm-creator - new URL

This change also precedes new SCM Creator release!.. So be ready for updates!


Added by Mario Luzeiro over 11 years ago

Hi Andriy!

In my case I need to do with old URL:


Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 11 years ago

No, Mario!
You should use new: http://subversion.andriylesyuk.com/scm-creator

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