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SCM Creator is going Bazaar

This is not my plugin and I'm not its main user anymore! It's now yours! You, the community, are ones who extend it!
Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 10 years ago

From release to release the SCM creator becomes more powerful! Now it’s not only my personal plugin which was just shared... It has been extended mostly by community requests and patches. This release is not an exclusion - new breaking features were suggested or supported by Mario Luzeiro, Blaž Podržaj and Jonas Götze (thanks, guys!).

Traditionally new major version is released with the support of new SCM - this time Bazaar. Adding Bazaar support (and help in testing) was suggested by Mario Luzeiro! So without him this release would not happen!

To add Bazaar support I also did what I wanted to do a lot time ago: finally I did refactored the plugin to make adding new SCMs easier! This also made the code more clear and I hope more bug-proof.

Another breaking feature was suggested by Blaž Podržaj. Thanks to him new release allows specifying on creation and on deletion scripts. These scripts can be used for preparing repositories for usage and archiving repositories before deleting. By the way, thanks also to Jonas Götze for help in improving scripts!

These scripts can do the same what hooks options introduced in the previous version do... Therefore hooks now should be treated obsolete and one using it should switch to on creation script (check this page how)! In one of further versions the hooks support may be removed...

The last feature was needed by me but you can find it useful too if you use my Project Alias plugin. New version is able to rename repository when project identifier is renamed. Please note that this will also change repository access URL (old repository URL will stop working)! That is be sure to notify users before the change!

Also in this version other smaller improvements and bug fixes were made...

That seems to be all!.. Write me, suggest me new features! Let’s make this plugin better!

And thanks for using it!


Added by Mario Luzeiro over 10 years ago

Thank you Andriy for your time improving the Redmine community and make it more friendly!

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