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Extended profile has been extended

That's the time to fix all those issues which prevented the Extended Profile plugin from being extended... You'll like the change!
Added by Andriy Lesyuk almost 11 years ago

You probably wondered what happenned to the Extended Profile plugin... Why old SVN URLs do not work? What are those directories v0 and v1 where are sources?.. Why new version requires other plugins?..

Short answer - the Extended Profile plugin has been dropped!..

Long answer - it’s now a completely new plugin! No, it’s not even a plugin!.. It’s now a customization built on top of a new plugin which has similar name - that is over the Extended Fields plugin!

I’m not kidding! The Extended Fields plugin allows you (if you are familiar with ERuby and HTML) to customize versions, issues, projects and so on... Would you call such customizations plugins? The Extended Version, the Extended Issue and the Extended Project?.. Anyway the Extended Fields plugin is out of scope of this news... Check the corresponding announcement for it to learn more! Here let’s discuss what changed!

As far as things has changed much I provide the fix for version 0.0.x (version 0.0.3) so you could keep on 0.0.x... But still I highly recommend upgrading to version 1.0.0! I will also try to fix new bugs in 0.0.x. But new features won’t appear in it! This version should now be treated as an obsolete.

Once switched to 1.0.0 you most likely customize it so it won’t be my Extended Profile plugin anymore!.. But that’s the feature! This, of course, will make to support this plugin more complicated. So it can be the last version. But I’m not sure yet!.. If it will be possible I will continue to extend it! If not you will probably find it ok as this plugin is not actually a plugin anymore! But as I said above - it’s now a customization!

So what changed? Nothing at the first glance!.. If you dig deeper you will find that profile fields are actually custom fields! And you can do with them the same what can be done with just custom fields. That is rename, delete etc. That’s actually the main change! The rest did not change much...

For comparison of 0.0.x and 1.0.x versions check this page. This page will help you decide if you want to migrate to 1.0.0. And if you want (and I recommend you to) please check this page on how to migrate!


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