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Extended Fields 0.2.1 with Redmine 2.2.x support

This is mainly the maintenance release coming with fixes for bugs found in 0.2.0b and with support for Redmine 2.2.x.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 11 years ago

Download Extended Fields 0.2.1

When Redmine 2.2.x came out, I just started the editing phase of my book (see the announcement). So I needed to learn new features quickly and to update the book accordingly. Thus, since that time I was not able to work on plugins (the book was published recently). And this is the first my plugin, which comes with Redmine 2.2.x support.

When releasing 0.2.0b I felt too unsure about the stability of the plugin (see the appropriate news). And this feeling appeared to be correct – 0.2.0b was quite buggy (so the “b” in the version is very appropriately). This fact was the main reason for starting preparing the updated version. Another reason – Redmine 2.2.x came later.

Many people helped me to discover issues, fixes for which you will get with this release! But Alexander Kuznecov went deeper and suggested changes to the code. This helped me much! Thanks, Alexander!

Let me remind you, that you can get notifications about new releases of this plugin (and news, if you want) by “subscribing” to this project using the “Subscription” form on the sidebar (to the right).

Also you can now order my book about Redmine, titled “Mastering Redmine” and published by Packt Publishing, using this link, or Amazon, or your Kindle device. Using the book page on Packt Publishing website you can also check the table of contents and the sample chapter.


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