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Extended Profile 1.2.1 for Extended Fields 0.2.3

New maintenance release accompanying Extended Fields 0.2.3: fix for the Google+ custom field and is_for_new to significat attribute rename.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 9 years ago

Download Extended Profile 1.2.1

This is the release with very small changes, which were needed to:

  • Render the valid URL for the Google+ custom field, if you have created the one as described here.
  • Rename the special significant attribute (from is_for_new), which is used internally to determine, if the custom field is to be asked during the user registration.
    This change was made in Extended Fields 0.2.3, the Extended Profile plugin depends on.

So, if you are going to upgrade the Extended Profile plugin to 1.2.1, be sure to upgrade the Extended Fields plugin to 0.2.3 before.


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