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Outline CSS classes

Here is the list of CSS classes, which are used in outlines:

CSS class Meaning
.hooks-top-menu Top menu section containing “Home”, “Projects” etc
.hooks-header Header section containing project names, search box, project menu etc
.hooks-main Main area containing sidebar and content section
.hooks-main.nosidebar Main area containing only content section (no sidebar)
.hooks-contextual Contextual menu containing “Edit”, “Watch” etc
.hooks-content Content section, which contains main content (e.g. issues, Wiki) of the site
.hooks-left Left column in two columns content layout
.hooks-right Right column in two columns content layout
.hooks-data Content (e.g. Wiki page content, news content)
.hooks-table Table (e.g. issue list)
.hooks-issue Issue content (can have different background color etc)
.hooks-box Text box (e.g. “Custom queries” on sidebar), comment etc
.hooks-form Box with a form
.hooks-login Login form (can have different background color etc)
.hooks-sidebar Sidebar section
.hooks-footer Footer section containing “Powered by Redmine...”
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