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List of currently supported hooks

This is the list of hooks, which are currently supported by this plugin:

Name Location Page Description URL
:view_account_left_bottom Content User profile left column bottom /users/:id
:view_account_login_bottom Content Login page bottom /login
:view_account_login_top Content Login page top /login
:view_account_right_bottom Content User profile right column bottom /users/:id
:view_issues_bulk_edit_details_bottom Content Bulk issue form above “Notes” /issues/bulk_edit
:view_issues_edit_notes_bottom Content Issue page below “Notes” /issues/:id
:view_issues_form_details_bottom Content Issue form form bottom /.../issues/...
:view_issues_form_details_top Content Issue form form top /.../issues/...
:view_issues_history_journal_bottom Content Issue page below history entries /issues/:id
:view_issues_index_bottom Content Issues list bottom /projects/:project/issues
:view_issues_new_top Content Issue form top /projects/:project/issues/new
:view_issues_show_description_bottom Content Issue page below description /issues/:id
:view_issues_show_details_bottom Content Issue page above description /issues/:id
:view_issues_sidebar_issues_bottom Sidebar Issue page below “Issues” /issues/:id
:view_issues_sidebar_planning_bottom Sidebar Issue page below “Graphs” /issues/:id
:view_issues_sidebar_queries_bottom Sidebar Issue page below “Custom queries” /issues/:id
:view_issue_statuses_form Content Issue status (admin) form bottom /issue_statuses/...
:view_journals_notes_form_after_notes Content Issue page comment edit form /issues/:id
:view_layouts_base_body_bottom Footer All pages /...
:view_layouts_base_content Content All pages bottom /...
:view_layouts_base_html_head HTML header All pages /...
:view_layouts_base_sidebar Sidebar All pages /...
:view_my_account Content Own account /my/account
:view_my_account_right_bottom Content Own account /my/account
:view_my_account_contextual Contextual menu Own account /my/account
:view_projects_form Content Project form main form bottom /projects/...
:view_projects_roadmap_version_bottom Content Roadmap below versions /projects/:project/roadmap
:view_projects_show_left Content Project page left column bottom /projects/:project
:view_projects_show_right Content Project page right column bottom /projects/:project
:view_projects_show_sidebar_bottom Sidebar Project page bottom /projects/:project
:view_reports_issue_report_split_content_left Content Reports left column bottom /projects/:project/issues/report
:view_reports_issue_report_split_content_right Content Reports right column bottom /projects/:project/issues/report
:view_repositories_show_contextual Contextual menu Repository /projects/:project/repository/...
:view_settings_general_form Content Settings (admin) /settings
:view_time_entries_bulk_edit_details_bottom Content Bulk time entries form bottom /time_entries/bulk_edit
:view_timelog_edit_form_bottom Content Time entry form bottom /.../time_entries/...
:view_users_form Content User account (admin) /users/...
:view_users_form_right_bottom Content User account (admin) /users/...
:view_versions_show_bottom Content Version page bottom /versions/show/:id
:view_versions_show_contextual Contextual menu Version page /versions/show/:id
:view_welcome_index_left Content Welcome page left column bottom /
:view_welcome_index_right Content Welcome page right column bottom /
:view_wiki_inline_content* Content Wiki page inline /...

* – This hook is provided by the Hooks Manager, you can read more about this hook here.

For the full list of hooks available in Redmine check this page.

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