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Mike Hagedon

  • Registered on: 17 Oct 2011
  • Last connection: 11 May 2015



08 Mar 2017

02:19 SCM Creator (+Github) Bug #2420 (New): Creating a Github repository fails
When I enable Github in the SCM Creator settings, the plugin seems to crash on a sudo-requiring action. I have sudo m...

11 May 2015

21:45 SCM Creator (+Github) Bug #2361: Error received when creating new repository
I, too, had this issue. I'm testing Redmine 3.0.2, and I'm using SCM Creator r142. Thanks for the lead, Markus! Comme...

17 Oct 2011

18:17 SCM Creator (+Github) Bug #1869: Copying of hooks dir doesn't work (for me)
I had the same problem, and I think this is a bug. Line 104 of lib/scm_repositories_controller_patch.rb reads

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