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Pawel Orzechowski

  • Registered on: 21 Nov 2011
  • Last connection: 03 Dec 2012



13 Mar 2012

15:45 Red-Andy Support #2012 (Closed): How to add logo to the theme
I see that on "your page":http://projects.andriylesyuk.com/ you have nice logo. How it is possible to add one to the ...
15:40 Red-Andy Feature #2008: Make this theme compatible with Chiliproject 3.x
Before Chiliproject 3.x, Redmine and Chiliprojects were compatible. Since 3.x they are not,
Maybe the title for t...

12 Mar 2012

23:41 Red-Andy Feature #2008 (Won't Fix): Make this theme compatible with Chiliproject 3.x
From 3.0 version Chiliproject uses some different theming so the current Red-Andy Theme does not work.
I would ask...

05 Feb 2012

12:03 Contact Form Feature #1964 (Closed): Add Polish translation
Please add Polish translation to the plugin
12:00 Contact Form Feature #1920: Drop "Project" field
Maybe it will be more convinient to add an option in the settings of the plugin to turn on/off project field.

26 Nov 2011

05:44 Extended Profile Feature #1897 (Closed): Polish translation
Adding Polish translation to the plugin
05:40 Author Box Translation #1896 (Closed): Polish translation
Adding polish translation to the plugin

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