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Jim McAleer

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13 Aug 2015

20:16 SCM Creator (+Github) Feature #2390 (Closed): Currently developer's have no way of actually seeing what the repository ...
If they can't see the url they have to bother the administrator or guess the source. They have to know where to pull...
20:10 SCM Creator (+Github) Feature #2389 (New): Reporter,non members and anonymous have too much access by default
By default the reporters, non members and anonymous have Browse repository and View changesets. I believe that way t...

30 Sep 2012

23:11 SCM Creator (+Github) Support: RE: Can I get an example script for post-create.sh?
That didn't seem to work either. It just look like it's not getting fired. I've searched the logs and don't see any...

30 Aug 2012

12:59 SCM Creator (+Github) Support: Can I get an example script for post-create.sh?
When the repository is created I would like it to automatically create /trunk /branches /tags directories with svn.

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