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Alexander Kuznecov

  • Registered on: 09 Jan 2013
  • Last connection: 08 Oct 2014



28 Nov 2014

12:37 Extended Fields Bug #2350: Extended Field Values that are nil produce an error
Ivo, thanks for patch!
I have faced with same issue - got problem on custom queries with displayed columns that had ...

25 Nov 2014

10:41 Extended Fields Bug #2318: Issues as pdf
Reproduced on:...

15 Jan 2013

08:24 Extended Fields Bug #2138 (Closed): Issues count is not shown
I have found that issue counter is not shown when issues grouped by some condition
See screenshot example....

09 Jan 2013

16:03 Extended Fields Patch #2136: Cannot administer projects and users
We have faced with this error too:...

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