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Miodrag Milic

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21 Nov 2014

15:16 WikiNG Improvement #2352 (Closed): Add dropdown box on @ for users
Its very unpractical to have to look up user names in order to mention them. Perhaps implementing @user would be an o...

17 Apr 2014

12:47 WikiNG Feature #1901: Mentions in user profile
@ user:s-andy
I checked out production log and everything looks normal:...
12:42 WikiNG Macros: RE: {{blink(css_color1, css_color2}} - blinking text
BTW, user:s-andy is there any way to force Textile evaluation within macro body ?
12:18 WikiNG Macros: {{blink(css_color1, css_color2}} - blinking text
* Name ...

14 Apr 2014

14:16 WikiNG Feature #1901: Mentions in user profile
I tried the latest SVN version and I dont see mentions tab. During installation I migrated database and it listed cre...

29 Jan 2014

13:41 WikiNG Feature #2100: Support Twitter like mentions
What is the status of this feature. Without it #1901 doesn't have much value. In large corporations you need to be a...
13:33 WikiNG Bug #2267: Help button no long works
+1, doesn't work here too

23 Oct 2013

12:24 WikiNG Feature #1977: Conditional macro for users & groups
This is somewhat related to #2160.
About wiki source/history, the problem is dealt with in "wikicipher":http://www...
12:17 WikiNG Feature #1901: Mentions in user profile
Oh yeah did you plan for mention notifications ?
11:53 WikiNG Feature #1901: Mentions in user profile
This is fantastic. Thanks a lot.

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