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Rob Spearman

  • Registered on: 01 Dec 2012
  • Last connection: 10 Jan 2016



10 Jan 2016

17:33 WikiNG Bug #2403 (Closed): Patch to support Redmine 3.2 / Rails 4
I had to go beyond Massimo Rossello's patch (#2367, also incorporated into this patch), to get this working on Redmin...

11 Apr 2015

15:17 WikiNG Support #2377 (New): Custom macros work, but icon macros do not
I have two identical Redmine 2.5.3 installations on one server, but for two different groups of users with different ...

13 Dec 2014

04:26 WikiNG Bug #2353: Can not create Macro on Redmine 1.4.2
Removing, pulling from SVN, and reinstalling fixed the issue with 2.5.3.

12 Dec 2014

03:07 WikiNG Bug #2353: Can not create Macro on Redmine 1.4.2
Server error on 2.5.3 as well.

11 Dec 2014

02:00 WikiNG Bug #2353 (Closed): Can not create Macro on Redmine 1.4.2
No errors on install of 1.0.0b but when try to create even the simplest macro I get a 500 error.
Log says:

01 Dec 2012

18:41 Contact Form Bug #2050: Redmine 1.4.x support
Also, on the user edit page I get this error:...

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