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Patch #2278

Disable "Save repository" button on new repositories

Added by Elektritter Messinger over 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

Target version:
Start date:
23 Jan 2014
Due date:
% Done:


Redmine version:
External issue:



a lot of our users were confused when the “Save repository” button is enabled on creating a new repository getting error message or a non function repository entry.

So I made a small patch which disables the “Save repository” button

  1. when it is a new repository entry
  2. allow_add_local is False

It made the form much cleaner to them and lowered the questions for help a lot

create_scm_button.patch View (551 Bytes) Elektritter Messinger, 23 Jan 2014 07:53


#1 Updated by Andriy Lesyuk about 10 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Under Verification
  • Assignee set to Andriy Lesyuk
  • Target version set to 0.5.0b

#2 Updated by Andriy Lesyuk about 10 years ago

The “Create” button (you mean by “Save repository”, I guess) is for adding existing repositories, e.g., Subversion remote repos. The allow_add_local option lets disable creation of local repositories only! So, still it should be possible to add existing remote repos. For this reason normally it’s not good to disable the “Create” button...

In your case, I assume, you have a specific environment. I guess, the only_creator option could do, what you want (see Configuration)... Did you try it? Does not it meet for your needs (why?)?

#3 Updated by Andriy Lesyuk about 10 years ago

  • Status changed from Under Verification to Deferred
  • Target version deleted (0.5.0b)

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