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Elektritter Messinger

  • Registered on: 23 Jan 2014
  • Last connection: 08 May 2014



08 May 2014

12:27 SCM Creator (+Github) Patch #2290: Various improvements to plugin
And of course I found a small bug inside my patches after upload: the js generating the url entry does not insert "fi...

06 May 2014

12:12 SCM Creator (+Github) Patch #2290 (Under Verification): Various improvements to plugin
Hi, I did some improvements to this plugin which make handling for enduser a lot better I think and are in use in our...

23 Jan 2014

07:54 SCM Creator (+Github) Patch #2278 (Deferred): Disable "Save repository" button on new repositories
a lot of our users were confused when the "Save repository" button is enabled on creating a new repository get...

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