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Bug #2422

User is not removed from project_subscribers table when user is deleted from Redmine.

Added by Cheyenne Wills about 7 years ago.

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Ran into an internal Redmine error after deleting a user from Redmine. The project_subscribers table still had a record for the deleted user.

I’m using the latest checkout level from the repository.

NoMethodError (undefined method `allowed_to?' for nil:NilClass):
  plugins/subscription/lib/issue_subscription_patch.rb:23:in `block in notified_users_with_subscribers'
  plugins/subscription/lib/issue_subscription_patch.rb:21:in `notified_users_with_subscribers'
  app/models/mailer.rb:62:in `deliver_issue_add'
  app/models/issue.rb:1696:in `send_notification'
  app/models/issue.rb:210:in `create_or_update'
  app/controllers/issues_controller.rb:140:in `create'
  lib/redmine/sudo_mode.rb:63:in `sudo_mode'

Manually deleting the offending entry from the project_subscribers table corrected the error.

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