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Mentions of Fabien Crespel

16 Jun 2014

20:13 Hooks Manager Two new hooks in Hooks Manager 1.0.1
Hooks Manager 1.0.1 comes with new user profile hooks, that were added in Redmine 2.4.x. Additionally, this release i... Andriy Lesyuk

13 Jun 2014

18:35 Hooks Manager Wiki: 1-0-1
h1. Changes in 1.0.1
* Added new Redmine hooks -- "Preferences" bottom on own account and user account pages.

11 Jun 2014

11:17 Hooks Manager Revision 32: Fixed #2295 (thanks user#407) and plugin path
Andriy Lesyuk
11:16 Hooks Manager Bug #2295 (Closed): view_layouts_base_html_head hook not working
Andriy Lesyuk

30 Jun 2012

09:56 SCM Creator (+Github) Getting "uninitialized constant RepositoryObserver"? Oops!..
Weird things are happening to those Redmine 2.x.x observers... Here they work, there they don't... Andriy Lesyuk
09:36 SCM Creator (+Github) Wiki: 0-4-1
h1. Changes in version:0.4.1
* Fixed @uninitialized constant RepositoryObserver@ error under Redmine 2.0 (many tha...


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