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Mentions of Ivan Cenov

05 Jan 2018

21:35 Red-Andy Support #2439 (In Progress): Text color in add menu (+) is too dark
user[f]:jwalker, I just uploaded recent changes, that contain fix for this issue. See r41. However, please note, that... Andriy Lesyuk

03 Jan 2018

18:43 WikiNG Mention autocomplete and Redmine 3.x support
WikiNG 1.1.0 comes with user mention autocomplete, support of new syntax for user links, update for Redmine 3.x (test... Andriy Lesyuk

25 Nov 2013

04:32 Project Sections Revision 13: Added Bulgarian translation (#2231, thanks user#88!)
Andriy Lesyuk

22 Nov 2013

01:37 WikiNG Revision 29: Added Bulgarian and Turkish translations (thanks user#88 and user#107), closes #2119...
Andriy Lesyuk

21 Nov 2013

17:08 ISSUE-id Revision 15 (main-repository): Added Bulgarian translation, thanks user#88 (#2232)
Andriy Lesyuk

02 Nov 2013

23:13 ISSUE-id Translation #ISSUE-2 (Closed): Bulgarian translation
Thanks user#88! Andriy Lesyuk

22 Oct 2013

22:19 Subscription Translation #2240 (Closed): Bulgarian translation
Thank you, user(Ivan)#88! Andriy Lesyuk

28 Sep 2013

11:33 Project Sections Translation #2231 (Closed): Bulgarian translation
Thank you very much, user(Ivan)#88! :) Andriy Lesyuk

26 Sep 2013

14:27 WikiNG Feature #1901: Mentions in user profile
user#88 wrote:
> Do you plan to embed some grouping/filtering in the list: by project, by time period etc?
Not cu...
Andriy Lesyuk

25 Sep 2013

17:31 WikiNG Feature #1901: Mentions in user profile
user#88 wrote:
> May be some cron task?
The question is not "what is the way to collect mentions", but "how to be...
Andriy Lesyuk

22 Sep 2013

08:16 Mastering Redmine Reviews: Ivan Cenov's review
Here is what user(Ivan)#88 wrote "on GoodReads":http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/567913689 and "on Amazon":http:/... Andriy Lesyuk

09 Mar 2013

17:46 Like Button New Like 0.1.0, like new
The Like button plugin have not been updated for a long time (sorry for this) and, therefore, I guess, the plugin los... Andriy Lesyuk
14:29 Like Button Wiki: 0-1-0
h1. Changes in 0.1.0
* Refactored the button rende...

04 Dec 2012

16:08 WikiNG Redmine 2.1.x, file links and CSS classes
Version 0.0.3 of the WikiNG plugin comes with Redmine 2.1.x support, support for links to the Files section, with CSS... Andriy Lesyuk

01 Dec 2012

23:00 WikiNG Wiki: 0-0-3
h1. Changes in 0.0.3
* Added support for @file:@ links, which link to files under the Files tab (thanks user#107 f...


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