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Ivan Cenov

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05 Jan 2018

20:50 Red-Andy Support #2439 (In Progress): Text color in add menu (+) is too dark
The color of the menu items in red-andy theme is too dark. Is possible to make the color the same as in the me...

22 Jan 2015

09:19 WikiNG Translation #2358: Bulgarian translation
I'm sorry to upload again, but found a typing error
09:14 WikiNG Translation #2358 (Closed): Bulgarian translation
Here is attached Bulgarian translation of wiking plugin.

07 Jan 2015

13:40 WikiNG Support #2354 (Won't Fix): Bug or it is intentionaly done this way?
I compared blocks' definitions in *wiking.css* and *red-andy.css*. Here they are:

09 Jul 2014

09:28 Red-Andy Support: Different style for closed projects?
Is it possible to have different style (_italic_, -strikethrough-) for the names of the closed projects? I mea...

28 Sep 2013

17:59 Subscription Translation #2240 (Closed): Bulgarian translation

26 Sep 2013

14:25 WikiNG Feature #1901: Mentions in user profile
I understood now...
Do you plan to embed some grouping/filtering in the list: by project, by time period etc?

22 Sep 2013

17:33 WikiNG Feature #1901: Mentions in user profile
> The issue is how to do this...
May be some cron task?
17:28 WikiNG Feature #1977: Conditional macro for users & groups
I liked this at first, then thought about social effects. Suppose two developers sitting side by side - one allowed, ...
17:16 WikiNG Feature #2079: Message to everyone in a project
There is a plugin, "redmine_banner":https://github.com/akiko-pusu/redmine_banner. It does different things neverthele...

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