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Meta tags 0.1.0

The version 0.1.0 supports Redmine 1.2.x and ChiliProject, removes Textile code from Meta description and automatically determines Meta keywords...
Added by Andriy Lesyuk about 9 years ago

Two main reasons for making this release were: a) the plugin lacked support for Redmine 1.2.x and ChiliProject and b) the Meta description included the Textile code...

Sometimes Meta description looked really awful with the Textile code in it! Of course, this depended on the text but I really wanted it to be clear and readable! It appeared that it was not easy to fix...

The remove of the Textile code led to the huge plugin code refactoring what, I believe, made the plugin better and more flexible! Thus in the new version the plugin automatically adds Meta keywords using words which appear most often in the page content.

However I’m not sure how accurate are keywords determined in this way... You should probably take this into account before upgrade! Anyway, I believe, they are better than “issue,bug,tracking”... Also determining keywords takes additional time and, again, not sure how much more. Please report any issues you experience with this new release.

For full list of changes check page: 0.1.0.


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