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Download button 0.0.3

This version adds {{download}} Wiki macro, always shows the "Download" tab, adds many notices and warnings instructing a user how to make the button work etc.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk almost 12 years ago

Download Download Button 0.0.3

The new version would not be as it is without efforts of Andreas Schuh! Current implementation of the most cool new feature in 0.0.3 – of the !{{download}} Wiki macro – is his merit! He suggested inline customization of button properties, cross-project Wiki buttons, CSS customization and so on. He also did a lot to make the “Download” button work in ChiliProject 3.0!

Two other guys – Mario Luzeiro and Varun Shoor – also influenced the plugin. Thanks to them I decided to always show the “Download” tab (but with a warning if a closed version is not available) and added important notes to new file, version and other forms...

With this release the project also changes its identifier from redmine-download to download-button! Thanks to Project Alias the old identifier will still work!.. But not for SVN! For SVN to work you need to execute in your SVN project root directory:

$ svn switch --relocate http://svn.s-andy.com/redmine-download http://svn.s-andy.com/download-button

By the way, I would like to announce my another plugin - Subscription (it is in testing right now)... With its help you can now subscribe to the “Download” button project news (use the “Subscription” form on the sidebar).


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