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Extending listings

Can't stop the Extended Something plugins to extend... something in Redmine and ChiliProject! This time users and projects listings got extended!
Added by Andriy Lesyuk about 9 years ago

Ok, I ask my users for a company they work in (using Extended Profile plugin which uses Extended Fields)... But how do I see what they answer?.. No, really? Of course, I can check profiles. But, hey, right now I have around 150 active (in terms of Redmine) users’ profiles to check!.. Honestly – my opinion is that custom fields are useless unless you can easily list them...

The same applies not only to custom fields. I always wondered how can I list projects and their download counts. Even used SQL to do that! Even planned to write a plugin for this (see #1745)... But I found the workaround! And it became the main feature of the Extended Fields plugin version 0.1.0!

So now the Extended Fields plugin extends... listings! In partucular – users listing and projects listing which are available for administrators. The plugin adds customization to these listings by allowing to specify which columns and/or custom fields to show (like it is already done for issues listing). Besides just columns the plugin also adds special columns allowing to show calculated data (that’s how I get download counts)...

As a part of The Rename the identifier of the project has been renamed to extended-fields with this release! Most users won’t feel the change! Only those who use SVN. SVN users will need to execute the following command to fix their repositories:

$ svn switch --relocate http://svn.s-andy.com/redmine-fields http://svn.s-andy.com/extended-fields

All users should also consider subscribing to the project using the form (on the sidebar) provided by my new Subscription plugin (which suffer testing right now – that is by subscribing you also help me testing it). Why subscribing? For example, being subscribed you would get notification about this release and this news...

P.S. I thought about changing plugin name to something what reflects new features as Extended Fields name does not tell anything about listings... But what name? Extended Fields & Listings?.. Extended Columns?.. Maybe Extended Redmine? Well... Fields are related to listings and columns! So decided to leave its current name.


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