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Small update of small plugin

OpenID authentication fix for Redmine and ChiliProject now comes with support for manual activation.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk over 10 years ago

Having created this plugin I thought that I would perhaps never update it... It’s too small and too complete! But thanks to Bynn Ies who have found a bug (#1966) in this plugin you can now download its new version.

The previous version of the plugin supported only automatic activation i.e. anyone who was able to login into OpenID provider was about to get access to Redmine. While usually it’s not a problem some administrators may need to control who is having access...

Redmine supports three options of new account activation: a) automatic (was the only one supported by this plugin before), b) manual (support for which has been added) and c) email activation. Only email activation is not supported by this plugin and is not planned to be supported as I assume that you trust OpenID providers enough not to validate user emails provided by them. But if you believe that support for email activation still needs to be added please file a bug report and explain why do you think so.

As I usually recently do in news... I suggest you to subscribe to this project using the form on the sidebar. This form is added by my Subscription plugin which is going to be released soon...


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