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Redmine 2.1.x and jQuery

This release comes with support for Redmine 2.1.x, Rails 3.2.x and jQuery. Bug fixes are also included.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk about 9 years ago

Not much time has passed since the release of 0.4.1 as new version of Redmine has come. This was Redmine 2.1.x, which (much similar to 2.0.x) switched to the new version of Rails – 3.2.x. Luckily, new Rails did not introduce so many changes as 3.0.x. However, it moved from Prototype to jQuery... So, all the JavaScript code needed to be fixed. As usually these fixes do not break the plugin’s compatibility with previous versions of Redmine down to 1.0.x.

While porting to Redmine 2.1.x was not a very complicated task, two guys really helped me to coomplete it by testing the plugin on the recent Redmine, by researching reasons of issues and by providing patches to the code. These guys are Martin Corino and Takashi Okamoto. Thank you, guys! It’s worth mentioning, that it’s not the first time, when Takashi Okamoto contributes to the SCM Creator code...

Martin Corino, however, helped not only with porting... He found the bug #2102 and provided the fix for it. I guess circumstances, which make Martin find this bug, were not pleasant. Sorry for this, Martin, and thanks for the fix!

Perhaps, I hurried, when was working on the 0.4.1, as this release included another bug – #2095, or its duplicate #2120. Both issues included the patch fixing the bug. These issues were reported and patches were provided by Manfred Kröhnert and Christian Rishøj. Thank you, guys!

Also with 0.4.2 the SCM Creator got the Korean translation. Thanks to Jaebok Oh!

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