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Extended Fields 0.2.3 with "less" features

Support for Redmine 2.4.x and 2.5.x plus some bug fixes.
Added by Andriy Lesyuk about 10 years ago

Download Extended Fields 0.2.3

This is the first time, the new release of the Extended Fields plugins comes with... less features. At least for Redmine 2.5.x. Thus, for this Redmine version it does not support the “Wiki text” and the “Link” custom field types any more... This is the “bad” news. The good news is, that these features are not needed for Redmine 2.5.x! As the latter supports such custom field types out of the box – the native “Long text” custom field type now comes with the “Text formatting” option, that enables the Wiki formatting, and the “Link” custom field type is now built-in.

In fact, any feature I implement in my plugins is intended to extend Redmine, so I’m only happy to see such features implemented in the core! It would be just great, if the functionality of all my plugins was available in (or included into) Redmine, as I would not need to do anything in my plugins in such case.

Generally, Redmine 2.5.x comes with a lot of improvements for custom fields. Thus, it fixes issues:

  • #1179 – Optionally allow Text and Long Text custom fields support wiki formatting
  • #1358 – Link_to for Custom Field
  • #2083 – CustomField of type “external-link-to” with configurable URL prefix
  • #3651 – New URL custom field option
  • #5250 – Custom Fields may allow full text transformation
  • #5794 – URL custom fields
  • #8152 – Render Version and User custom fields as links
  • #11712 – Custom fields — links and links templates

Which were (or are) fully or partially fixed by the Extended Fields plugin. Anyway this is, in fact, only a small part of the plugin’s functionality, so the plugin remains usuful.

Also, it’s worth mentioning, that Redmine 2.5.x comes with a better extandability of custom fields API (i.e., it’s now easier to extend them programmatically).

Additionally, the Extended Fields 0.2.3 comes with fixes for bugs:

  • #2258 – Custom fields in spent time details are not shown
  • #2262 – CR/LF seem to inject additional blank lines


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