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CDI file format

The CDI file contains header and some number of records. Each record represents one file (or directory).

CDI header

Field Format Length Description
Mark "CDI" 3 Always equal to "CDI" for CDI files
Version byte 1 0x02 (0x01 for CDI v1)
Bootable byte 1 Boolean: 0x00 or 0x01
Volume ID string 32 The name of the media
Size long int 8 The size of the media (size 4 for CDI v1)
Publisher string 128 The name of the publisher
Preparer string 128 The name of the preparer
Generator string 128 The name of ISO generator
Created date 4 Creation date
Modified date 4 The date of last modification

CDI file record

Field Format Length Description
ID long int 4 The ID of the record
Type byte 1 0 for directory, 1 for archive, 2 for file and 3 for symbolic link
Name string 255 File/directory name
Mode short 2 Access permissions
Created date 4 The time when file was created
UID short 2 File/directory owner ID
GID short 2 File/directory group ID
Size long int 8 The size of the file (size 4 for CDI v1)
Info long int 4 Offset of the record in additional database (CDL, CDA etc)
Parent long int 4 ID of the parent directory/archive file
Child long int 4 ID of the first child (for directories)
Next long int 4 ID of the next file
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