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Mastering Redmine is a comprehensive guide with tips, tricks and best practices, and an easy-to-learn structure.

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What’s in repository?

In accordance to the implicit policy of my personal site every customization (especially the one, which is for Redmine) is shared. This particular project was also customized, for example, the Table of contents tab was added (which just displays this Wiki page) and the Sample chapter tab was added (which embeds the sample chapter from Scribd). For this customization I created a plugin and this plugin can be found under the Repository tab.

Redmine community in the book

What would be Redmine without its community, without people, who write plugins, submit patches, report bugs, and so on? What would be the book without Redmine and its community?..

In the book I’m trying to give the community its due by mentioning its members and their work where applicable. Some people got referenced in the book along with their contribution to Redmine, others got there by chance. Many great people and great projects are not referenced though. Sorry for this, but the book is too small to reference all of you, who contribute to Redmine.

Anyway the list of people, organizations and projects, which were mentioned in the book can be found at:

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