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This pages lists some common issues with the usage of the Subscription plugin and guides through resolving them.

There is no Subscription box on the sidebar

Make sure, that:

  • The Subscription module is enabled under the Modules tab in the project settings.
  • Any role of the user has the permission to subscribe to the project (the Subscribe to project permission in the Subscription block on the role page) or the user is an administrator.
  • Email notifications are configured and enabled (check this under the Email notifications tab in Administration → Settings).
  • Any of the following project module and notification action pairs is enabled for the project and the system (check in Settings → Modules of the project and Administration → Settings → Email notifications correspondingly):
Module Action Subscription item
News News added News
Version closed Releases (closed versions)
Files File added Files
Wiki Wiki page added Wiki pages
Repository Commit added Repository (commits)
Issue tracking Issue added New issues
Issue tracking Issue updated → Status updated Closed issues
Forums Forum added New forums
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