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Arlo Carreon

  • Registered on: 18 Jul 2011
  • Last connection: 18 Jul 2011



18 Jul 2011

18:26 Author Box Support: Show multiple/all roles
Is there a way to get this plugin to show more than one role in the sidebar? Or even All the Roles?
16:53 Author Box Support #1807: No Gravatar Appears
OMG!! Sorry, I see what you were saying. I went back to settings and I saw there is an option for Display User Grava...
16:46 Author Box Support #1807: No Gravatar Appears
Thank you for your time with me on this issue.
# Redmine 1.2.0.stable (MySQL)
# Gravatar does not show on user pr...
15:46 Author Box Support #1807: No Gravatar Appears
I downgraded to version 0.0.1 and restarted redmine. I see in Administer >> PLugins >> Author shows version 0.0.1. ...
15:40 Author Box Support #1807: No Gravatar Appears
The original question was: Where is the avatar() method defined/declared/implemented? I can see it is used in app/vi...
15:34 Author Box Support #1807: No Gravatar Appears
Good question. Let me find out what redmine version I have. I haven't downloaded the older version, what would the sv...
15:21 Author Box Support #1807 (Won't Fix): No Gravatar Appears
I am new to ruby and I have been digging around to see what the problem might be. I really have no clue where the fu...

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