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GianMaria Romanato

  • Registered on: 27 Jun 2013
  • Last connection: 23 May 2014



23 May 2014

10:20 Sidebar Content Support: RE: Is redmine 2.5.x supported?
user#1 wrote:
> user#926, I'm not sure, yet. Going to check this soon.
Thanks a lot.
07:44 Sidebar Content Support: Is redmine 2.5.x supported?
I am was using this plugin in redmine 2.3.
I am now about to migrate to 2.5.1, will this plug-in work?

08 Jul 2013

07:40 Sidebar Content Support #2191: Remine 2.3 compatibility
You are right, I had forgotten the last @sidebar@ argument on the @svn co@ command line and as a result the plug-in d...

27 Jun 2013

07:44 Sidebar Content Support #2191 (Won't Fix): Remine 2.3 compatibility
If I am not mistaken, this very useful plug-in does not work with redmine 2.3.
Any chance to get it fixed?
Here i...

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