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Oleh Demyanyuk



25 Nov 2010

19:05 Orangutan Improvement #1298 (Open): Context help for some Orangutan messages
Could you please add addition info for information returned from orangutan
For example if I get tickets.
you could...

10 Nov 2010

12:43 Orangutan::Redmine Improvement #1159 (Open): Support using numbers for project list
could you please create request string or alias for fetching sub projects of projects by ordering number of parent pr...

30 Jun 2010

13:14 Orangutan Feature #558: Jokes context
such context could be imported from linux-fortune

15 Jun 2010

21:01 Orangutan::Redmine Enhancement #557: Tree
Escuzi it should be "issue tree" ...
20:52 Orangutan Feature #558 (Open): Jokes context
tell redmine 'joke' and he print something like fortune command form linux...
20:42 Orangutan::Redmine Enhancement #557 (Closed): Tree
Could you please implement possibility to view project tree in orangutang... Thanks...

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