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Riccardo Rocca

  • Registered on: 11 Jan 2012
  • Last connection: 29 Jan 2014



29 Jan 2014

10:43 Extended Fields Bug #2098: Failure in XLS Export (undefined method `find_custom_field_template' for #<XlsExportCo...
Using Redmine 2.4.1
I had to remove extended_fields to succeed in exporting to xls (redmine_xls_export, as modified ...

17 Apr 2013

07:53 Extended Fields Translation #2185 (Closed): Italian translation

16 Apr 2013

09:16 Extended Fields Bug #2182: internal error opening custom fields
Hint in #2153 and patch #2181 solved my problem. Thanks
You can close my issue

13 Apr 2013

17:24 Extended Fields Bug #2182 (Closed): internal error opening custom fields
Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 232ms...

11 Jan 2012

12:38 Project Alias Translation #1939 (Closed): Italian translation
12:20 Download Button Translation #1938 (Closed): Italian translation

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