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Bug fixes, improvements and Redmine 2.3

Support for Redmine 2.3.x, fix for ChiliProject 3.x, many bug fixes, most of which were made with help of the community, and some interesting improvements like support for date custom fields on the calendar...
Added by Andriy Lesyuk about 9 years ago

Download Extended Fields 0.2.2

Support for the recent Redmine version, which is 2.3.x, was added to the Extended Fields plugin some time ago. But the release of the new version was not made... I was busy on other projects, so I just added a note, that the plugin supporting Redmine 2.3 can be fetched through SVN. Anyway the release was to be made and, finally, I got ready to do this!

So the main change in 0.2.2 is support for Redmine 2.3.x.

In addition this release also comes with support for ChiliProject 3.x, which accidentally got broken in 0.2.1.

The Extended Fields plugin is one of the most complicated plugins, I developed for Redmine. It’s because it needs to change a lot in the Redmine core and, therefore, can break a lot... I would stick an “experimental” stamp image on its home page, if the plugin was not such old (too late for it to become experimental). Anyway, it works fine! But... bugs appear, and they are a lot (compared to my other plugins).

So, certainly, this version comes with a lot of bug fixes. They include: fix for multi-select custom fields (#2176 and #2177), fix for custom field templates loading (#2172), fix of duplicate issue IDs (#2187), fixes for crashes (#2153, #2164, #2175 and #2182) and more. Luckily the plugin has grown a large community and I was not alone in bug fixing – many guys helped me! Thus, Dipan Mehta made a deep research of and suggested a fix for #2176, the similar was done by Eric Mills for #2177, Domingo Oropeza suggested a fix for #2153, very similar fix for its duplicate #2182 was suggested by Gregory, Alexandr Gremyachkin suggested a fix for a complex issue #2172 and Bruno Spyckerelle suggested a fix for #2187. Thank you, guys! Sorry, if I missed someone or someone’s contribution.

Traditionally this version also comes with a new translation and an update to the existing translation. Thus, Pierre-Yves Dubreucq supplemented the French translation (#2174) and Riccardo Rocca submitted the Italian translation (#2185). Thanks!

In addition to the above this release also comes with improvements, some of which can be considered to be new features...

Thus, all text fields in the project form now get the equal width, which is wider than before. This way you now have more space for values of project custom fields.

With this release I also intended to show you how voting and/or watching may help you get your favorite issue to be fixed sooner. Thus, I chose the issue with the highest number of votes and watchers and resolved it in this version.

This way 0.2.2 makes Redmine show custom fields of the “Date” type on the calendar (see #2139). Currently the plugin shows all issue, project and version custom fields and only on the project calendar (i.e., not in my page’s block).

And, finally, rich custom fields (like, custom fields of the “Wiki text” type) are now rendered rich in columns on the issue list page as well. This, of course, can also be considered to be a bug fix.

As it has been mentioned above the Extended Fields plugin interposes so deeply into Redmine, that it just can’t avoid conflicting with other plugins!..

Thus, this plugin overrides the project list (to add custom columns), what is also done by my other plugin – Project Removal. So this version also includes code to show the Project Removal’s Redirect button in the project list, if the latter plugin is istalled. This change does not affect installations, which do not use prject:project-removal.

I have also developed another plugin, which is so complicated and interposes so deeply, that it even includes the “experimental” stamp on its home page. It’s the ISSUE-id plugin! So no wonder, that these plugins conflicted... As both overrode the same issue list page. Therefore, to prevent the conflict the Extended Fields plugin also includes some code to support ISSUE-id.


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