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01 Mar 2010

Last OrangeHRM release


2 issues   (2 closed — 0 open)

Changes in 0.11

  • Now notifying the creator when a new user registers or an existing user unsubscribes.
  • User’s context timeout blocked other users’ contexts. Fixed.
  • Added support for number of hours in WorkTimeHours context. Thanks Dana Vlasyuk!
  • Now notifying the submitter about closing bug.
  • Added warning if the task name is too long and will be truncated when saved to OrangeHRM. Thanks Andriy Lundyak!
  • User::GetWorkDays returned zero if called for a one day. Fixed (closes #28). Thanks Ihor Vlasyuk!
  • Removed StartTask context (replaced by Help context).
  • Added Help context providing the information about supported requests and features (closes #23). Thanks Lyuba Kryl for the idea about short tutorial!
  • Added many new patterns to different contexts and fixed many existing patterns. Thanks Andriy Lundyak, Oleg Demyanyuk, Lyuba Kryl, Yaroslav Dmytriv and Dana Vlasyuk!
  • Other small fixes.
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