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09 Oct 2010

Better Redmine integration and notifications


11 issues   (11 closed — 0 open)

Changes in 1.03

  • Now Orangutan allows canceling break or closing of the task (but only if he did this by himself) (closes #952). Thanks Yaroslav Dmytriv!
  • Added WorkOver context notifying users when they have worked for enough hours (closes #127).
  • Added support for custom fields in ShowIssue context (closes #861).
  • Added support for queries like “show today tasks” (closes #243).
  • Added Comment context allowing to add notes to issues (closes #183).
  • Added WouldWatch context which will be used for asking users if they want to be added to watchers list of issues.
  • Added Vote context letting users to vote for or against issues (closes #553).
  • Added Assign context allowing to assign an issue to a user (closes #182).
  • Added aliases. Aliases allow a user to specify words or messages which will be treated in a way specified by the user (closes #604).
  • Added RemoveAlias context allowing to remove aliases.
  • Added ShowAliases allowing users to check their current aliases.
  • Added Aliases context allowing to set aliases. This context is also responsible for replacing.
  • Added NewWatcher context notifying users when they are added as watchers to a project or an issue.
  • Added WatchList context allowing users to check which projects and/or issues they are watching.
  • Now displaying tracker name and subject in the confirmation message of Task and AddTask contexts.
  • Added watcher event which will be used to notify users that they were added as watchers to an issue or a project.
  • Fixed incorrect date representation in the confirmation message of AddTask context.
  • Added NewJournal context notifying users about changes in issues (partially fixed #185).
  • Extended context and monkey API (added filters to context and schedule, custom fields to monkey).
  • Added NewIssue context which notifies watchers about new issues created and/or deleted (partially fixed #185).
  • Added Watch context allowing to add users to watchers list of projects and issues (closes #606).
  • Fixed crash when closing current task loaded from XML file. Thanks Kostyantyn Kornienko!
  • Other small and bigger fixes.
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