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13 Oct 2009

Changelog and holidays


1 issue   (1 closed — 0 open)

Changes in 0.02

  • Added Version context (show current version of Orangutan).
  • Added this changelog.
  • Now ignoring tasks in OrangeHRM database which do not have start date. Thanks Pavlo Mashurenko.
  • Added workday event (start and stop). Used this event in WhatTask context (asks user to specify the task).
  • Added ShowHolidays context (shows ukrainian holidays for a year).
  • Added holidays support as well as IsWorkDay function to Orangutan::Date object.
  • Fixed scheduler and corresponding code in different contexts.
  • Added LongTask context (does not allow task to last over 24 hours) (closes #6).
  • Added checks if project and activity are set for tasks on close.
  • Fixed context to limit task time to 24 hours (closes #6).
  • Fixed Orangutan::Date object. Now its constructor supports task’s start time. For example, when you create it with '18:00’ the time will be relative to the start time not to current time as it was before (partially fixes #6).
  • Added EditTask context (just explains how current task can be edited).
  • Added some new request patterns. Thanks Olga Kulynyn!
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