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20 Oct 2009

Buggy Jabber clients workaround


2 issues   (2 closed — 0 open)

Changes in 0.03

  • Added AddTask context (allows to add previous tasks that is tasks which have end time).
  • Changed the way Orangutan detects conflicts in tasks time. Now he suggests better options how the conflict can be resolved.
  • Now any number of spaces is supported in incoming messages.
  • Changed the behaviour of the UnfinishedTask contexts (asks to stop or break a task). Now it tries to detect often status changes and stops tasks in such cases. Partially fixes #24.
  • Added status fields cleaning for several contexts. Thanks Pavlo Mashurenko!
  • Added StartTask context (catches requests to start a task which look like “I want to start a task”). Thanks Olga Kulynyn!
  • Now Orangutan won’t ask an user to enter a task if it is not work time.
  • Fixed contexts mess on first run (task reminder prevented configuration questions to be asked). Thanks Pavlo Mashurenko!
  • Added WhatNew context (shows what’s new in current or specified version of Orangutan). Uses this changelog file.
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