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29 Oct 2009

Debugging and timeout fixes


1 issue   (1 closed — 0 open)

Changes in 0.04

  • Added WorkTimeHours context (allows user to configure how much hours per day he works).
  • Added WorkHours context - checks if working hours are enough for previous workday and suggests what could be added if not (closes #16).
  • Changed UnfinishedTask context to stop tasks on timeout if it is not work time. Partially fixes #24.
  • From now foreign handlers also can be suspended while user is away. Now Yes/No won’t timeout before main context timeouts. Thanks Pavlo Mashurenko!
  • Fixed existing task issues (when current task was added using OrangeHRM “Punch In”). Thanks Yevgen Vershynin!
  • Added Evaluate context allowing to execute a custom code inside Orangutan. This context is available only for creator and is only for debugging.
  • Now we are catching error messages on die and writing them to log file.
  • Many other small and bigger fixes.
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