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07 Dec 2009

Fixed input and presence handling


1 issue   (1 closed — 0 open)

Changes in 0.06

  • Fixed Orangutan to support statuses like DND1 which were ignored previously. For now such statuses are treated the same way as online status. Thanks Dima Kondratovych!
  • ShowTask context is now able to show tasks of other users (only for creator or manager).
  • Often tasks now work well (but use future time) (closes #10).
  • Now Orangutan selects the first activity for the project if no activity was specified.
  • Fixed invalid handling of new line characters in input messages. Thanks Olga Kulynyn!
  • Added task description to success messages for Done context.
  • Fixed invalid date handling if end time (hours and minutes) is smaller than start time (e.g. start time is 23:00 and end time is 0:00). Thanks Dima Kondratovych!
  • Added support for resource (several logins into Jabber server). Thanks Dima Kondratovych!
  • Now UnfinishedTask ensures that break start time is not earlier than task’s start time (this led to negative task time). Thanks Dima Kondratovych!
  • Fixed many other small issues.

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