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12 Feb 2010

Time reports


1 issue   (1 closed — 0 open)

Changes in 0.08

  • Changed NightTask not to ask “Are you there?” at the morning (added some kind of timeout).
  • Now Orangutan tells the date (week day, month etc) when suggesting to add additional tasks in WorkHours context.
  • Now Orangutan explains why he cannot accept the end time if it is earlier than the task’s start time. Thanks Dima Kondratovych!
  • Now UnfinishedTask context (asking if the task should be stopped or broken) has a higher priority than NightTask context (checking if an user is still available) this way preventing “Are you there?” question to be asked before UnfinishedTask’s questions.
  • Added ShowTime context which shows a summary of how much time did an user spent for tasks during some period (closes #7).
  • Added total time to ShowTasks output.
  • Now ShowTasks uses the previous date as a base date if it is between 0:00 and 6:00. Thanks Dima Kondratovych!
  • Changed the method of detecting non-ASCII symbols. Previous method produced false matches sometimes. Thanks Olya Bandura!
  • Added support of XA (Far, far away) status. Thanks Lena Petsenchuk!
  • Added some new request patterns and many other fixes.
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